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HBA Postponed

HBA Postponed

Summer season

Hamilton Basketball Association's 2020 Summer Season has been postponed due to team and player registration issues.

The Hamilton Basketball Association's committee has been forced to re-schedule the start of the season because of limited registrations of both players and umpires.

President of the Hamilton Basketball Association, Dean Miller says there has been a few problems, including people registering into the wrong clubs, which has tied up a lot of time. As well he suggests the new registration system, although is not too different to the last one might also be at the root of problems of people not submitting registrations...

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Going forward, Miller hopes that this issue will be sorted by the time next season starts.

Teams need to be registered through Basketball Victoria before a new season can begin.

Miller is also encouraging umpires to apply as the association has lost umpires due to a few retiring and urges all available umpires to help out.

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