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"Eaton" it all up

"Eaton" it all up

Local story to the world

Hamilton's Kathryn Eaton never thought that when writing a children's book a few years ago it would be published but next week she will have her first published book available worldwide.

Á spider in my toilet' was created after her nephew came running out of the bathroom having seen a spider published by London based company Austin Macauley.

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Ms Eaton couldnt believe how it all came about. She said it wasn't until she read the Wonky Donkey that the thought crossed her mind.

After checking the back of the book for the publisher, she then sent her story off to the Austin Macauley publishing company. A couple of months went by and all of a sudden a letter appeared in the mail, it was a contract to get her story published and out into the world.

Ms Eaton said being shocked was an understatement!

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